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(Non-Genre Specific)

Unless you are a New York Times bestselling author, your manuscript may not be as ready for publication as you think. It doesn't help that all the people you let read your work (your mom, partner, friends) only say some variation of the same thing, "It's good" or "I enjoyed it." That isn't helpful because they're attached to you, and to be quite frank, they're biased.


It's time for an Editor. Me.


Because SOMEBODY needs to take your manuscript and slash it up (constructively) with a red pen. Getting outside, unbiased feedback and criticism is ESSENTIAL to a successful story. Once it gets out into the world, there's no safety net, your story will be fair game. So I'm here, not to embody the average reader, but to be the critic. I'll go beyond mere editing; I'll ask the hard questions and give you the brutal feedback you need to take your manuscript to the next level. Trust me, it feels better coming from your editor than from your Amazon/Goodreads reviews.

To make things easy, I offer three basic packages that range from basic beta-reading, to aggressive line editing. With each service, I offer a critique and review of the major elements in your story (plot, character, worldbuilding, prose). Whatever package you choose, I'll give you the elements you need to take your story to the next level. Prices and timelines are open to fair negotiation depending on any factors you'd like me to consider.

$10 per 5000 words

(Approximately .002 cents per word)


This is beta-reading, light editing, and a critique and review. I'll give you an honest/straightforward analysis of your writing (plot, character, setting, prose, dialogue, etc...). This package is good for your first or second draft.


(3 days per 5k words)

$20 per 5000 words

(Approximately .004 cents per word)


This is the BLUNT package + Moderate editing/proofreading. Here we'll focus more on the structure and mechanics of your work, clean the prose, etc.... I recommend this if you've already done a rewrite or two and the structure of your story is pretty well set.


(5 days per 5k words)


$40 per 5000 words

(Approximately .008 cents per word)


Essentially this is BLUNT + AGGRESSIVE and a heavy editing/proofreading. I will dissect your writing line by line in preparation for publication. We'll look for continuity, overused words and phrases, and all the nitty gritty details that really make your writing stand out.

(10 days per 5k words)


Get in touch to learn more.

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