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By Raven's Call

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Faced with increasing pressure from rebels, the tyrant king of Dargenn must force a war with the rival nation of Relan to unite the country behind him. To help create chaos, he turns to the most feared assassin in the world, the Raven, a man cursed by ancient demons and forced to kill at their whim; if he fails, he dies. Using his knowledge of the Raven's masters, the king forces the assassin into a contract to kill the one man who might threaten his plans, a powerful sorcerer and scholar named Enias.

But the king may have just handed the Raven the key to breaking his curse once and for all.

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J. A. Devenort contemplating his next vision

J. A. Devenport was forged from the wilds of Alaska, a true cross between polar bear and man.  After obtaining an education from BYU, Devenport began the long journey of making a career from writing.  He now resides in Utah where he writes,  works out, and chills with his two cats Buddy, and Lulu.


The Blackwing Cycle

By Raven's Call

The Man Who Dances With Ravens--A Novella

In Progress

Wings of Black

In Progress

The Shards of Time

Addison Rand and the last TimeShard

In Progress



A fresh new voice in the tradition of Brandon Sanderson and Tracy Hickman.

~Kristen D. Randle

"...this was a five star read for me."

"Suffice it to say it gets better, deeper and more surprising the further we go."

"[feels] like a mix between Sanderson's Mistborn and Bancroft's Arm of the Sphinx."

"Overall, this is definitely one to put on your list--especially if you're looking for something with the wonderment of Mistborn."

"I'm thoroughly impressed by the rich world-building."

"...the scenes are explosive, strong and easy to visualise."

"The power is in the detail, the author’s creative energy crackling through every aspect of the novel...This is a story with dark themes, but it doesn’t stop it being a fun read." 

"From the everyday to the brutal’s all cleverly interconnected...And it never ceases to be surprising."

 "It’s amusing and unexpected, a real treat of a story that I can’t wait to continue... Give it a go, it’s a worthy addition to your TBR."



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